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Boca Condo Care, Inc. combines 25 + years of experience in South Florida property ownership/management, risk management and project management with a Florida LCAM (Licensed Community Association Manager) license to offer licensed, insured, reliable Home Watch/Condo Watch caretaker services and hurricane preparation/recovery services for your Boca home in the off season, when you travel for business, are on vacation, or if you are a landlord - have leased your condo unit.


Boca Condo Care, Inc. provides peace of mind to adult children whose parents reside in a condo, or for parents who have purchased a condo for their child who is a local student. We offer condo caretaker and concierge services and referrals to reliable home maintenance providers for residents who may need year round assistance managing their homes and cars. 

Boca Condo Care, Inc. inspects, evaluates, re-keys/padlocks, broom cleans and reports on bank-owned/ REO properties.


Boca Condo Care, Inc. also provides community association management services to smaller (generally less than 100 units) condominium associations which are seeking the personalized, hands-on service larger management companies cannot provide.

Our owner-operated company focuses on one segment of the South Palm Beach County  market – condominiums, and we strive to provide our clients with access to every (licensed, insured, screened, high caliber) service their South Florida residences require.

Boca Condo Care, Inc. is a member of the National Home Watch Association and the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce.