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Services for Condo Owners & Landlords

Boca Condo Care, Inc. is a condominium caretaker/condo watch company which provides a variety of basic “Home Watch” and concierge services, including:




Basic Condo Watch Services:


  • Weekly condo inspections (interior/exterior visual checks, room by room inspections for pests, mold, water damage from storms or neighboring units, security checks of windows and doors, appliance and plumbing testing, air conditioning and humidistat checks, periodic a/c filter replacement, plant care/watering, removing unwanted flyers/newspapers, etc.)
  • Monthly email or US Mail report to owners (including photos to document any issues with the condo unit)



Concierge Services:


  • Seasonal condo owner arrival/departure preparation (phone, TV and internet installation, newspaper start/stop, arrange for condo cleaning and/or window cleaning, initial grocery shopping, etc.)
  • Providing third party access to the condo with owner authorization
  • Forwarding mail/accepting deliveries
  • Local contact for alarm/security companies
  • Coordinating off season condo repairs/refurbishing-remodeling
  • Hurricane readiness and recovery services (pre/post storm preparations, post storm inspection reports and pictures, interfacing with insurance adjusters and condo associations)
  • Scheduling/supervising off season household services (cleaning, pest control, etc.)
  • Emergency Lock-Out services 
  • Automobile fluid, battery and tire checks and startups (drive upon request)
  • Meeting car transporter/accepting vehicle deliveries
  • Complimentary notary services



Referrals to a portfolio of reliable, licensed and insured condo, car and computer care professionals (no mark-ups for their services), including:


  • A multi-skilled handyman (installs lights, ceiling fans, faucets, washing machine hoses, fixes/repairs doorknobs, toilets, screens, shower doors and sliding glass doors and garbage disposals, installs and removes hurricane shutters, and much, much more!)
  • An a/c tech, appliance repair tech, electrician, plumbing company, a painter/wallpaper installer,
  • A reliable, reasonably priced foreign and domestic automobile repair company which also can provide seasonal in-door storage and service for luxury vehicles 
  • Carpet and grout cleaning service
  • Car wash and car detail service
  • Airport pick-up/car service
  • A variety of travel agent services (schedule a cruise while you are in South Florida!) 
  • In-home computer repairs and technical support
  • A dry cleaner who provides free pick-up and delivery of clothing and household linens
  • A team of proven local real estate professionals