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Condo “Home Watch” Services (includes visual inspections, plumbing and appliance checks, periodic air conditioning filter changes, and monthly emailed or mailed report to home owner)


    Number of Visits/Month        Monthly Service Charge*

  • One Visit                               $40.00
  • Two Visits                              $65.00
  • Weekly Visits                        $120.00   (includes Hurricane Services)


► Concierge Services, Senior and Student Services and Landlord Services (includes Boca Condo Care presence in your home to supervise vendors, accept deliveries, shop for groceries, etc.) - $35.00/hour - rates negotiable for half day and full day assignments


► Regular Vacation Service - $50 one- time fee


► Extended Vacation Service – contact us for pricing


► Emergency Lock Out Services - $50.00


► Handyman Services - $45.00/hour - rates negotiable for half day and full day assignments


► Hurricane Preparation and Post Hurricane Inspection Visits - $50.00 per weather event (additional Handyman charge for other than accordion shutters)


► REO Property Preservation Services – contact us for pricing


Condominim & HOA Management Services - contact us for pricing


Credit and debit cards accepted – discounts limited with this payment method.


* Discounts available when 3 or more units in one building contract with Boca Condo Care
for the season, and when condo owners prepay for the season.